Systematically incorporating validated biological knowledge: an efficient hidden Markov model framework for segmenting tiling array data in transcriptional and ChIP-chip experiments
Jiang Du, Joel S. Rozowsky, Jan O. Korbel, Zhengdong D. Zhang, Thomas E. Royce, Martin H. Schultz, Michael Snyder and Mark Gerstein
(2006) Bioinformatics, 22(24), 3016-3024.
Free Full Text | PMID: 17038339

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Links to raw data
Placenta transcriptional data
STAT1 ChIP-chip data

Results on transcriptional data using full training data
Discrete 4-state HMM results
Continuous 4-state HMM results

Results on ChIP-chip data using full training data
Continuous 2-state HMM results

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